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Mela T

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September 20th


2) Scales- Hands Separately  with eyes closed

    C-Major Scale - 1 octaves (8 notes) - (code: 3)

      *Hands Separately First REALLY well THEN hands together!

    RH - 1(C)-2(D)-3(E)-1(F)-2(G)-3(A)-4(B)-5(C) going up

    RH - 5(C)-4(B)-3(A)-2(G)-1(F)-3(E)-2(D)-1(C) going down


1) How to sit at the piano:

     a) line belly button up with middle C

     b) Elbows should be able to tuck in front of the belly if sitting far away

     c) Keep wrists straight

     d) Fingers curved at all times so the thumbs can reach the keyboard


2) Practice saying the musical alphabet A-B-C-D-E-F-G forward & backwards!


3) Practice finger numbers wiggle exercise and REMEMBER 4th finger is weak!


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