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Danielle A

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June 16th


1) C-Scale - 2 Octaves                                        C-Arpeggio (C, E, G)

    G-Scale (F#) - 2 Octaves                                G-Arpeggio (G, B, D)

    D-Scale (F#, C#) 2 Octave                             D-Arpeggio (D, F#, A)


Muller-Rusch String Method Book 2-Cello     Muller Rusch - Cello Book 2


Solos and Etudes-Book 2-Cello     Solos & Etudes- Cello Book 2



2nd and 4th Position String Builder     String Builder - 2nd & 4th Position


Start reviewing and continue to memorize the parts of the cello:



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