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Michael C

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March 1st




     The Singing Athlete


           Essentials of Music Theory


1) Breathing Properly:

  • Sit up straight: Roll up on the two bones in your tush & keep the back relaxed. Shoulders & neck relaxed

  • Deep breath with ALL the muscles around your chest, stomach, back. Everything expands out NOT up...

  • MAKE SURE to breath only with your mouth

2) Breathing Exercise: (metronome at 60bpm = beats per minute)

  • Over 4 counts take a deep breath (

  • HOLD the breath for 4 counts

  • Over the next 8 counts push the air through a VERY small opening by forming the the sound "ts".

  • REPEAT steps 1-3 then push out the air over 12 counts, then 16 counts.....(You were at 20 so far)

3) Anatomy of Singing

  • Tongue - helps me form words with vowels & consonant

  • Lungs - expands all around the stomach and back OUT not up

  • Vocal cords - controlled with other muscles and they almost neer touch

  • Soft pallet - it is a muscle that can go up and down. Yawning activates it going high and helps high notes

  • Epiglottis needs to get out the way


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