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Kayla E

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March 21st


1) Flashcards

a) Say the note name, what string and what finger to us

b) Play and say the note name




3) Scales & Arpeggios

    C-Scale (No Sharps) - 2 Octaves                    C-Arpeggio (C, E, G)

    A minor-Scale (No Sharps) - 1 Octaves          A-Arpeggio (A, C, E)

    G-Scale (F#) - 2 Octaves                                 G-Arpeggio (G, B, D)

    D-Scale (F#, C#) 2 Octave                              D-Arpeggio (D, F#, A)

    A-Scale (F#, C#, G#) 2 Octave                       A-Arpeggio (A, C#, E)

    E-Scale (F#, C#, G#, D#) 2 Octave                E-Arpeggio (E, G#, B)



    F-Scale (Bb) - 2 Octaves                                 F-Arpeggio (F, A, C)

    Bb-Scale (Bb, Eb) - 2 Octaves                        Bb-Arpeggio (Bb, D, F)

    Eb-Scale (Bb, Eb. Ab) - 2 Octaves                 Eb-Arpeggio (Eb, G, Bb)

    Ab-Scale (Bb, Eb. Ab, Db) - 1 Octaves          Ab-Arpeggio (Ab, C, Eb)


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