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Christina C

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September 8th


Vocal Homework

1) Ask yourself the quality and color of your vocal.

2) Work 0-2-2-1-2 for voice warm up and remind Bianca about playing chords from this.

3) Memorize vowels on order of how forward they are:

  • eeeee

  • aaaa

  • ahhh

  • oooo

  • ohhhh

4) Buy or get a 3 ring binder and dividing - auditioning repertoire

    Quick loading sheet protectors   


5) What kind of music do you want to sing the most


6) Memorize the song 17 - sing every day and work on keeping the soft pallet high


Vocal Notes


1) When you sing practice closing and opening the nose

2) singing everything on EEEE in your mix

3) taking a full deep breath but holding it in and allowing just certain amount



1) Keep working on holding air in and measuring with a stop watch NOT allowing the airway to close. (HELD for a 1 minute on 9/29)


2) Listen to others voices and see if you can hear the various color qualities of their voice

  • Listened to Stevie Nicks and says it's very big even quite. Very keep sound.

3) Sing along with the karaoke track for 17 but work on how much air you allow to escape


4) on the piano - work on the vowel "eee" BUT experiment with how forward you place the sound etc...


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