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Christina C

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April 2nd



1) Bowing hand needs to stay near the fingerboard during shifts

2) Bowing thumb sits in crevace where frog meets the stick

3) Bowing middle fingers stay flat on the side of the stick

4) Bowing index finger hugs the bow between and second

5) When sitting and playing (A) open legs (B) ---or drop the right knee way down and bow near the left leg

6) When moving the bow away from the bridge make sure the whole bow moves away not just the frog!!!




1) Scales & Arpeggios - metronome at 60

    C-Scale (no sharps) - 1 Octaves                     C-Arpeggio (C, E, G)

    G-Scale (F#) - 2 Octaves                                G-Arpeggio (G, B, D)

    D-Scale (F#, C#) 1 Octave                              D-Arpeggio (D, F#, A)

    A-Scale (F#, C#, G#) - 2 Octaves                   A-Arpeggio (A, C#, E)


    F-Scale (Bb) - 1 Octaves                                 F-Arpeggio (F, A, C)


2) Muller Rusch - Lesson 30


2) Theory - flagged pages



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